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Jul 28, 2022

The founder jobs to be done

Tom Hosiawa • 1 min read

Something I think about and have a fresh perspective on now is the saying

why are people working at FAANG where they could be starting their own, solving the world’s biggest problems?

Creating a startup requires you to learn, understand, and do 12+ jobs (the tech is one part of it). And figuring out the right product offer to solve a problem in a market is DAMN hard.

Founder jobs to be done (or at minimum understand):

  • Design Product Offer to Customers & Markets Needs
    (research customers, their journeys, jtbd, empathize with them, value prop, positioning, ideate, experiment, gtm)
  • Design User Experience (info hierarchy, interaction, user flow, design)
  • Engineer Solution
  • Communicate (write copy, tell stories, brand)
  • Market
  • Sell
  • Grow
  • Design Business around it (vision, strategy, business models, financials, markets)
  • Unite Data with your Creative and Product sense
  • Recruit & Hire
  • Excite Venture Capital
    (build relationships, pitch, recruit, raise, negotiate, term sheets, understand everything and anyting VCs)
  • Legal & Finance (safes, notes, burn, cashflow)

I’m sure I missed some…