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Mar 28, 2022

The Illusion of Life — Writers are actors and directors too

Tom Hosiawa • 1 min read

From The Illusion of Life, Disney Animation.
Writers are also actors and directors. They use the director’s skills to paint a picture in the audience’s mind - the shot, what’s in the frame, focus, zoom level. They use the actor skills to connect with the audience. The only difference - they paint and act with words.

To tell a story, you are the character you’re writing and acting what a real one does on a stage. You frame what is seen in the shot. The only difference, you describe it with words.

And that’s why storytelling in fiction and business is so hard. You need to be a writer, a director, and an actor.

It’s fascinating how they use shapes and colours to imply emotions, direct our eyes on what to pay attention to.

  • triangle / angles - action, speed, tension
  • roundish - friendly
  • squarish - reliable and stable

Artist outlining triangles, circles, and squares over scene from the movie Up 1st picture of page from The Animation of Life 2nd picture of page from The Animation of Life 3rd picture of page from The Animation of Life