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Mar 27, 2022

It's wrong. The purpose of knowledge is action, not knowledge

Tom Hosiawa • 3 min read

It’s wrong. You have to do both!

When you don’t, you get as Noubar Afeyan described

The way people think about entrepreneurship and innovation is that it’s unruly, chaotic. It’s an illusion. It’s a profession like all others.”

Ask yourself this question. Would you go build a mobile app, a website, cloud platform after reading a few blogs?

But don’t we do this with business? And design too?
It’s a trained skill like any other. You go and learn, train, practice to hit a baseball. Paint a portrait. Engineer an application
And so, you combine art with science to discover and build a business.

This analogy from @BrandonMChu nails it. It’s not static.
It’s a pendulum you have to swing between action and learning.

We all start life appreciating our own craft more than other peoples’. But over time, you learn to appreciate all crafts as much as your own. That’s also one benefit of embracing the generalist within you.