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Jan 19, 2021

TD Life - How it started…ended

Tom Hosiawa • 2 mins read

I have made the difficult decision to leave TD in March. The last fifteen years have been a journey I couldn’t have imagined and couldn’t have been more fortunate. I owe a huge thank you to many leaders for putting their trust in me. Giving me opportunities few get to experience.

How it started: 2006…my first team in TD Direct Investing. I learned everything here — the business and industry, and how to understand customers.

In the middle: 2009…a dream opportunity and experience with the original six. We brought thinkorswim from Chicago to Toronto. We walked onto the S&P trading pit. Our leader entrusted us to be self-empowered, self-organized, figure out completely new things.

In the middle: 2015…we were trailblazers. I remember days with many staying to watch the Jays in the playoffs in the boardroom. We stretched from Good to Great with team bonds that leaders think about today how to replicate.

How it ended: 2017…2020 I stepped into leadership to pay it forward. We nudged the culture with my favourite three aspiring product managers and product teams.

Now it’s my time to continue my journey heading west. To create something new, to make a difference in the world and people’s lives. More to come soon…

“Another of his favorite analogies was that building a company was like being on a wagon train headed west. On the long journey to the land of plenty, the pioneers would be full of purpose and united by the goal of reaching their destination. Once they arrived, he’d say, people would come and go, and that was as it should be. But the process of moving toward something—of having not yet arrived—was what he idealized.”

— Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

How it started: team picture. In the middle: cboe team picture. In the middle: team picture at office of blue jays baseball game. How in ended: team picture at going away dinner.
How it started: team picture from TD Direct Investing 2006. In the middle: thinkorswim team picture in front of CBOE sign. In the middle: team picture from WebBroker days watching the Blue Jays in the playoffs. How in ended: team picture in boardroom and going away dinner.